Xtreme Communications Page Banner ImagesXtreme is “Wired to Make the Right Connection”

The foundation for your companies IT deployment services starts with a state of the art structured cabling system.  Xtreme brings expertise, integrity and vision to each and every project.  You will have complete confidence in your cabling platform and all IT deployment services will be implemented on time.  Xtreme insures a sound cabling platform eliminating future system failures. This is why Xtreme is “Wired to Make the Right Connection”.

Structured Communications Cabling

Xtreme Communication’s experienced staff installs state of the art cabling infrastructures that incorporate the latest technology and standards.  Our designs are based to meet or exceed EIA/TIA, NEC industry standards.

Xtreme Completed Work

Wireless – Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) 

Xtreme Communications partners with premier national integrators to provide fiber and copper based Distributed Antenna Systems to enhance public safety, wireless, cellular and WiFi coverage.  Please call direct for additional information.

Access Control and Video Surveillance

Xtreme partners with systems integrators to provide our customers with a solution that will best suit your needs.  This allows us to provide equipment and features that truly fit the needs of your particular application.

Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System

A web-based fully automated dispatch system that significantly reduces response time.  The single piece of technology that has reduced dispatch processing time in half.

The Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System: Efficient, Automated dispatch, Improve response times, Proven dependability. Watch this video from the San Antonio Fire Station as the Fire Chief discusses the new alerting system designed by US Digital Designs and how it will reduce their response times.

Click here to watch: STATION ALERTING VIDEO

VoiceArrest Sound Masking System

Xtreme is a certified integrator of the VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System that provides your workplace with a new, more effective level of privacy. Through the use of Direct Field Technology, the background masking that is distributed throughout your office is perfectly balanced in both volume as well as frequency content.

This improves your privacy with greater levels of privacy per decibel of sound and this higher level of privacy is consistent at all points within the treated area.

Low Voltage System Solutions

Our additional Low Voltage system installations include distributed cable TV systems (CATV), Video surveillance (CCTV), telemetry, Bio-Med, patient tracking, wireless access points.

Design Build

Xtreme’s staff of experienced designers guarantee personal customer satisfaction.  We begin by listening to the needs of the small business, large corporation, hospital, school or university.  Xtreme provides designs that are state of the art certified structured cabling solutions with performance guarantees that well exceed the minimums currently defined for all cabling systems.  We are intently involved from the beginning of your project to the final plug in.